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Sweet tax-money...

Yes, yes - I know that it's always been my money, but it doesn't make the joy any less when I get a nice chunk back!

I had really been considering cheating a little with the handyman deduction, but I was too much of a coward - or too decent - to do it when it came down to it. I even changed my mileage allowance for corona-related travel!

The day after I checked my statement on the taxes website, and was happy about it, I got an email from the tax agency, telling me that they had changed it.

What?? They can't do that! It was with a pounding heart that I checked it again - fortunately, it was to my advantage, and now I have bought our autumn vacation - just in case we might possibly be poor by then...

When I was 20, I got an overwhelming 600 kroner in back taxes, and I went to the municipality to have it split into installments, so I paid 100 kroner a month for half a year. Haha. The picture?? If you know the movie, you can figure out where the vacation is going...

// Update several months later: tax fucked me, and made another calculation where it turned out I owe them money - so good thing I bought the vacation when we still had some money:)


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