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Sue someone! Sue everyone!

Sue the airport, ticket office, and airline.

Sue the parking lot that is furthest away. Because it was supposed to be Parking/China, but we parked in Parking/Denmark and made a long line on the way out.

Sue the passport control - both countries, catering, baggage handler.

And the security guy who took my lime marmalade, which was a gift!!

And along with the rest of the passengers at Billund Airport, we should sue the man with the hearing aid who triggered the alarm by sitting in the massage chair without paying.

For 20 minutes.

And then sue the co-passengers. Sue the bus, the one that took double for the round trip, the one that drove too fast, and the one that drove too slow. And sue the tram, taxi, train.

And the hotel! The kitchen lady, the cleaning personnel, and handyman Ron.

The non-existent wifi, the bad coffee, and the endless hospitality.

Sue CFK for the misleading advertising and Dominos for their lack of lunch offers.

Sue the castle, museum and all the other attractions. For poor gift shops, broken escalators, and high ticket prices. And sue the Van Gogh exhibition for not opening until tomorrow.

And sue the store for lack of items, broken self-service, and because they looked suspicious at our bulging pockets.

Sue Kong Hu for late delivery without forks. And "Scottish" for serving skinny fries instead of gourmet fries. And definitely sue Burger King for messing up my order, giving me the wrong meal, and only having one working soda machine!

Sue the homeless man because he is aggressive and the crying girl because she is toothless. And all the bagpipe players. Sue the old dog, the ugly dog, and the one that poops on the street.

And sue the people in the ugly house whom we never rang the bell and ran away from, even though they were handicapped and would never have caught us.

And definitely sue those from the 1700s who allowed the poor and outcasts to live in the shabby vaults under Edinburgh.

And sue the wind at the top of the mountain and the cold at the bottom of the valley and the sun that only shone 90 percent of the time.

Sue Edinburgh, Scotland, go ahead and sue the whole UK.

Great idea, Kamber.

Thank you a million times for an amazing trip!!


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