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When I asked my lovely teenage boys for a saving tip, they replied quite briefly: Steal.

So I just wanted to tell you that I am already doing that!

And no, it's not paper or other stationary from workplaces - it doesn't really pay off when I'm self-employed and work from home and buy my own things...

But I have stolen from my local Netto.

I am a frequent user of the self-checkout, and it works really well. However, I still make an effort to greet the employees every time I am there - it is my local business after all.

The self-checkout works by scanning the barcode and paying with a swipe on the way out, without further interaction. Normally, I have my shopping bag with me, which I fill up with scanned items. This day, I didn't have a bag, so I held the items in my arms, but they can only hold so much, so I put my scanned corn in my pocket.

Finally, I wanted a bell pepper. Damn - the barcode didn't work, and the app asked me to pay for it at the register. So I deleted my cart, put the items on the belt, paid, and left.

And then it is that I feel the can of corn in my pocket. Which has not been on the belt. And which I, therefore, have not paid for!

I have stolen a can of corn!!!

And I panic, of course. It's my own Netto, where I go every day! What if they have it on video? What if I get banned like that alcoholic Jytte, who always stands outside and wants my kids to buy beer for her!?

So I go back to Netto, where I resolve this absolutely terrible disaster.

So I didn't save anything at all. I say it's an option.

The image is from the secret Christmas calendar on the secret profile Follow and like!


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