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Return & the Final Countdown

One way to at least not get poorer than necessary is to return purchases in time.

Thank you to the very sweet girl at HM who put up with me, as I was only two days late. Apparently, they don't have a hundred days or infinite returns at HM!!

However, they do have this at other places. So I finally returned all the little trinkets I had bought myself at various hardware stores during renovations a year ago.

Why did I think I needed all of them bits and bobs??

When I finally returned them to Bauhaus, Jem & Fix, XL-byg, and Silvan, the gasoline was almost more expensive than what I got back - but only almost, and I no longer have to deal with the various things I can't even remember what is for!

I still have enough of those - trinkets that I don't know what to use for...

It's easier to get rid of empty bottles, and that's good, as they would otherwise fill the house faster than I like to say. Just to make it clear, I'm talking about soda and water bottles here.

There's no deposit fee for the other bottles. That would have been something if there was a return on those, though!

When I wanted to return the huge flag I had in surplus - still in the original packing, the store had changed to a different chain three years ago, and was therefore not interested. So if you need a flag for an 8-meter pole, you know where to go.

So no reason whatsoever for 80's soft rock references, just: remember to Return & before the Final Countdown...


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