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Logo in real gold!

In addition to all the good ideas I constantly come up with - which aren't really that good, earning advice - I can also do what I do best!

There is a new jewelry store on the internet, headquartered in Aalborg.

And I have created their logo and developed a unique pattern for their packaging.

The pattern is with pentagons - which, note to self - and anyone - is the worst shape to work with and I will never do it again! But it turned out great, and I hope they will be super happy with it!!

The company has made it their mission to make it easy for you to shine like a star, and therefore wanted the logo in shining gold - and of course, they got it.

The team behind the store carefully selects the most modern items of the best quality, from the vast sea of brands and small independent jewelry designers.

You can visit the website at


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