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I'm only here for the æbleskiver

This was almost impossible to translate! It's very local. But full of good ideas so give it a try if you dare.

We have been hunting kammerjunkere - a traditional danish summercake in all the surrounding stores for months now, for the soon-to-be-old koldskål - a diary-based cold dessert, that you put your kammerjunkere in on hot summerdays. (I bought the soon-to-be-old koldskål on in the winter.)

And we have had to establish that kammerjunkere is a seasonal item!

So when we have now found no less than two bags of apple fritters (æbleskiver) in the freezer - traditional danish wintercake, we think that maybe someone is missing apple fritters, for the soon-to-be-old mulled wine they bought somewhere, or possibly forgot/hidden from Christmas. Apple fritters can also only be bought in season! So we have had an idea: Can we auction them off? What are they worth, in April? I mean, if you are really crazy about apple fritters?? And where is the best place to do it? I'm not quite sure that Lauritz will, so maybe Facebook or dba? And should we say that we have the very last bag of apple fritters - and then afterwards say we have the very-very last??

We can also sell them 3 and 3 pieces at a time, which is a standard portion...

And did you know that the best thing you can eat with your apple fritters is brown goat cheese? You can now get brown goat cheese as a spread at Netto!

It tastes better and sprinkles less than powdered sugar!


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