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Going out with DSB

On the hottest day of the summer - the one with 35 degrees - I was buying a ticket home from Copenhagen where I had taught a class on Adobe Photoshop.

The DSB app told me I might be able to save a little by buying a travel pass instead.

And I could. 3 kroner. In return, I could ride the train as much as I wanted for a whole week with the travel pass. And that is fantastic in so many ways, except that I didn't have to go anywhere.

But that day, the hottest day in years, there was nowhere I would rather be than in DSB's completely wonderfully air-conditioned train car.

Where I even had a completely fantastic side passenger, who had visited her son and his family in Australia for the last three months. And wow - she had some opinions about their lives! They were too busy - had to do something every day, the daughter-in-law was not especially good at cooking, the kids were both poorly raised and lazy, and she had to sleep on a mattress on the floor (they did manage to buy a bed along the way because it was dragging along the floor, and they thought they couldn't offer that to mom at 80...) - yes, there was a lot of nagging, but it was entertaining!

And when we approached Vejle, I seriously considered following her to Randers. From there I could just take the train further north - and I don't know how the train network is put together, but maybe from there and westward?

And then just travel around as I pleased until the temperature outside was actually falling... Someplace I would have to get off and use my DSB points to buy a taquito - whatever that is - and a soda - a total of only 160 points. There would still be enough points for a cup of coffee the next morning when I would be at a station somewhere else in the country!

What a wonderfully cooled adventure it would be!

I could meet all sorts of interesting people - because you do on the train!

And I love riding the train - just me and my computer - nothing to put in place, wipe off, turn on, answer... But I got off on a burning platform (no, that's something else...) in Vejle and got into my over-heated car, and drove home.

To put in place, wipe off, turn on, and answered questions (usually: What should we have for dinner?)

But it had been a nice cool train ride - and I saved three kroner!


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