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Christmas lasts until July...& fuck you SAS!

Yes, the plan was to send my children on summer vacation for a week with their dad and thereby save a little on the food budget, but they were hit by the SAS strike which I find so hard to sympathize with!!

So they stayed home and as small hungry hatchlings they constantly cry out for "something delicious for lunch", pizza - when I would like lentils, and endless amounts of cola, energy drinks, and chips. Argh!

So what do you do?

Well, you dig deep in the drawer and find the scratch-off calendars that we all won a little on, that I promised to redeem, and that I may or may not have transferred money for... Now they are long forgotten by the kids, and I can take them to the store tomorrow and redeem all 125 kroner or it..

125 kroner don't go very far when I feel I have to deliver this summer's adventure, so we'll take a mini trip abroad next week. (Can you feel the bitterness? - can't help it!)

Fortunately, I have the gift card I received from AirBnB after being a superhost for a year - :)

Unfortunately, it costs about three hundred and eighty-five billion kroner to drive to Germany - actually exactly the same as Elon Musk offered for Twitter...He has since regretted it...

Oh well - we're looking forward to the trip - apparently, we're going to the salt center of northern Europe! That's just us!!

Scratch-off calendars - that's where I came from - it's still 125 kroner I can use as sensibly as I can!!

On the other hand, maybe it doesn't matter if it's those excact 125 kroner or some other 125 kroner I spend on a box of red wine...


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