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Birthdays ain't what they used to be!

Having a birthday is of course the only way forward, but not when it comes to finances.

Can you remember when the whole class brought a coin each, and you were wealthy by the end of the day - or when you got a little older and the grandparents didn't know what to give you, and you got a money bill instead?

That was the day you filled up your piggy bank so you could get by until next year.

Now I only get gifts. And I'm not complaining about that, because I really get fantastic gifts! This year, for example, I have gotten a trip to an escape room, a birdbath, and a small piece of black garlic soil in Italy that will produce both garlic paste and garlic honey in September! And who has even heard of black garlic - the person who came up with the Danish name must feel pretty silly now! (garlic is called white onions in Danish)

But the nice gifts don't help much with the household.

But I have been able to live off the leftovers from my birthday for days! I'm finally almost at the bottom of it because it is starting to get a little monotonous... Luckily, it was pizza leftovers and not cake leftovers.

I love birthdays - mostly other people's - that's not what I want to say at all - I just want to say that just having a birthday is not a way to make money anymore!


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